Sustainability Report 2019


Environmental Protection in Connection with Conversions and New Construction

Management Approach

As well as the optimization of our existing properties, the construction of new apartments and residential complexes offers particular potential for approaches that conserve resources. Low-emission construction and energy-efficient operation are already taken into account during the planning and implementation phase of these projects, be it through the use of sustainable materials, the addition of greenery or through efficient and – wherever possible – renewable energy supply. As a result, our new construction projects focus more on optimization from an energy efficiency perspective – e.g., good energy efficiency classes and KfW standards – and on using environmentally-friendly construction methods aimed at preserving resources – also with regard to interior design. When embarking on very large development projects, we also check whether sustainability certification makes sense. Building certification plays a key role in demonstrating to investors, owners, tenants and interested members of the general public how sustainably a property is planned, built and managed. Key providers of such certification include, for example, the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) or its Austrian counterpart, the ÖGNB. The latter uses the TQB evaluation system. More than one-fifth of the development projects completed in Germany and Austria in 2019 are already DGNB or TQB-certified.

The Group can benefit from further expertise in this regard thanks to BUWOG Group GmbH, a long-standing partner of the ambitious “klimaaktiv pakt2020” launched by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism (see chapter Austria – Sustainability at BUWOG). BUWOG has an ISO 50001-certified energy management system for its own administrative buildings, which features both established processes and a written energy policy.

In addition to the energy efficiency performance of the new buildings, other factors also play a role when it comes to ensuring a construction process that is ecologically valuable. The use of sustainable materials in construction, for example, is extremely important. Good waste management and the expansion of recycling processes can help to conserve valuable resources.

It is also becoming increasingly important to consider whether buildings offer state-of-the-art infrastructure that enables innovative mobility concepts. We aim to incorporate these aspects into the planning processes and, in doing so, make a contribution not just to the energy revolution but also to the transport revolution.

Vonovia believes that sustainability and cost-efficiency can go together in construction processes, too. We intend to seize the opportunities of sustainable procurement available to us through efficient and centrally organized procurement processes and cooperative supplier relationships.

Establishment in the Organization 103-2

New construction measures are organized and managed by our new construction department in cooperation with the regions. The portfolio and rent management department provides support functions. The central procurement department at Vonovia is responsible for procuring construction materials and services, and thus also supply chain management.

With the acquisition of BUWOG and its development division, Vonovia has gained significant potential in the new construction field. Further comprehensive development projects will continue to be conducted under the brand name and responsibility of BUWOG – partly for sale and partly for the portfolio. Further information on this topic can be found in the chapter Austria – Sustainability at BUWOG and in the chapter Portfolio in the Development Business, AR 2019.

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