Sustainability Report 2019


Customer Satisfaction

Management Approach

Vonovia’s activities are centered around its customers and their needs. Their satisfaction with, and appreciation of, our products and services are directly linked to the company’s success in the long term. Our customers expect to have an affordable home offering contemporary living standards, which is why proximity to our customers and making it convenient for them to contact us are key elements of our customer service philosophy. Every Vonovia employee is called upon to actively contribute to improving customer satisfaction and to fulfilling our service promise. We support this by:

  • Offering excellent customer service
  • Expanding the range of self-service functions available, e.g., on the tenant app “Mein Vonovia” (My Vonovia)
  • Expanding the range of value-add services that we offer

Establishment in the Organization 103-2

While, strategically, customer satisfaction falls within the sphere of responsibility of our customer service team, it is a matter that concerns all operational departments that have contact with customers, and is ensured by each and every Vonovia employee. The customer services department commissions a service provider to conduct a random survey to measure customer satisfaction once a quarter. The results are processed by all of the specialist departments using an online analysis tool, and suitable measures are developed and their implementation closely monitored.

In mid-2018, we established a hardship management organization at our headquarters in Bochum. In order to provide even better support for our tenants in such cases, our hardship management team has been supported by our neighborhood managers, working on site in the individual regions, since 2019. The team consists of four hardship managers in Bochum who work closely with the 24 neighborhood managers on site. When they receive notification of a case of hardship, the hardship managers perform an initial preliminary review and hand the matter over to the neighborhood management team for further processing, with the neighborhood team assuming responsibility for further personal contact with the tenants concerned. We aim to find the best possible solution for our tenants that suits their individual circumstances.

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