Sustainability Report 2019

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Sustainability Road Map 2019–2020


For the 2019 reporting year and looking ahead to 2020, we have set ourselves the following focal points and objectives as part of our sustainability strategy.



Spheres of activity


What we achieved in 2019



Outlook for 2020


Energy efficiency class A or better based on primary energy analysis.









Sustainable Corporate Governance









Vonovia steers sustainability and embeds it in business processes and corporate management.


Expansion of Vonovia’s sustainability strategy and road map (including sustainability objectives)


Sustainability strategy developed as part of the 2019 strategy process (and to be developed further in 2020)


Sustainability department (reporting to the CEO) established and Sustainability Committee set up at Management Board level

Commitment to selected Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the UN Global Compact formalized

New materiality analysis conducted

Vonovia maintains regular dialogue with all of its key stakeholders.


Dialogue with customers, tenant associations, cities and municipalities, policymakers, shareholders, the general public and the social environment

Involvement in associations, cooperation with academic institutions


179 tenant meetings and consultation processes completed


Consultation processes with tenants, cities and municipalities continued and expanded

Discourse process continued with second Vonovia climate conference

Key stakeholders surveyed as part of new materiality analysis



“Outlook for climate-neutral housing” (Perspektiven klimaneutralen Wohnens) discourse process launched (First Vonovia climate conference)


Vonovia acts as a reliable and trustworthy partner.


Compliance with standards of good corporate governance, safeguarded by independent whistleblower systems

Labor, social and environmental standards in the supply chain

Diversity in management and control bodies


Compliance and data protection training sessions conducted


Anti-corruption, money laundering prevention and whistleblowing policies introduced

Vonovia Declaration of Respect for Human Rights published

ESG targets introduced as part of the variable remuneration paid to the CEO and CFO



New partner portal for suppliers and Business Partner Code implemented




Share of women in management and control bodies – Management Board: 25%, Supervisory Board: 33.3% – achieved










Environment and Climate Protection









Vonovia contributes to compliance with climate protection targets and carbon reductions in its existing portfolio.


Energy-efficient modernization measures to boost energy efficiency

Investment programs focused on carbon savings

Technical concepts for the replacement of oil heating and use of hybrid heating systems


Modernization rate of 3.7% and carbon savings of around 16,000 t achieved


Around 3% modernization rate in 2020 and carbon savings of around 13,000 t achieved

Steering concept developed for focusing on CO2 in the portfolio

Increased use of hybrid heating systems



“Energiesprong” pilot project launched for climate-friendly serial modernization


Vonovia is building new homes featuring energy-optimized design.


Creation of affordable living space using new construction & densification measures

Increasing focus on high energy efficiency classes and KfW standards


870 new apartments completed for the portfolio (to hold)


Around 900 apartments completed for the portfolio (to hold) in Germany

85% of new buildings completed in line with efficiency class A or better*



Over 20% of all development projects completed in 2019 awarded sustainability certificates (e.g., DGNB Gold)


Vonovia is expanding its innovations in the area of renewable energy systems.


Renewable energy business areas (“1,000 roofs” photovoltaic program)

Expansion of electromobility

Supplier of certified green electricity

Neighborhood systems/sector coupling


84 new PV facilities erected, a total of 289 in operation (generating approx. 10,000 MWh of solar power)


Continuation and further expansion of the “1,000 roofs” program

Carbon emissions in the Bochum-Weitmar innovation neighborhood slashed by 60%

Measures launched to develop public charging points for electromobility



Headquarters in Bochum switched over to green electricity supply




Cooperation launched with the Fraunhofer Institute on energy sector coupling in the neighborhood


Vonovia promotes the diversity of flora and fauna in its portfolio locations.


Biodiversity (wildflower meadows, insect habitats)

Cooperation with partners to achieve objectives


Cooperation with NABU to launch pilot projects for wildflower meadows and insect habitats/the planting of trees implemented


Wildflower meadows expanded to cover an area of 100,000 m2 and 100 insect habitats









Society and Customers









Vonovia fulfills its service promise and achieves a high level of customer satisfaction.


Quarterly customer satisfaction surveys

Continuous improvements in service quality


New survey tool “AktivBo” introduced


Communication and service quality improved with the introduction of a tenant app

Improvement in CSI achieved thanks to continuous implementation of measures derived from customer surveys



Measures derived from new tool to foster a better understanding of customer feedback


Vonovia provides needs-based living space for broad sections of the population and continuously improves the standard of comfort that its properties offer.


Refurbishment and modernization, measures to increase standards of comfort

Senior-friendly, accessible refurbishment and conversion

Voluntary commitments to protecting tenants’ existing rights


€ 482 million invested in (capitalized) maintenance and € 997 million in modernization


One in three newly rented apartments made accessible

Continuation of voluntary commitment for modernization (€ 2 limit) continued

Over-70s arrangement to ensure affordable housing for tenants aged over 70 continued

Hardship management continued



Around 15,000 apartments (partially) modernized to make them senior-friendly




Modernization cost allocation limited to max. € 2/m2, over 70s arrangement: ensuring affordable housing for tenants aged over 70 – help for 176 customers




Hardship management: 1,600 customers provided with assistance in connection with 13,200 modernization measures


Vonovia uses community development measures to create vibrant and future-fit neighborhoods.


Community development programs including construction measures, residential environment and infrastructure components

Corporate citizenship and philanthropy / cooperation with social and cultural institutions


13 community development projects implemented with an investment volume of around € 60 million


Community development projects in partnership with city and municipal authorities continued and new community developments launched

Funding concept and social projects expanded further



Grants for social projects and facilities totaling more than € 900,000, new funding concepts put in place



















Vonovia is an attractive employer for current, potential and former employees.


Employee satisfaction and loyalty

Recruitment and onboarding


Employee survey conducted


Outlook for employee survey in period leading up to 2021: measures from structured bottom-up process implemented

SuccessFactors recruitment and onboarding introduced



Survey reveals high level of employee satisfaction of 72%


Vonovia is committed to employee development and produces outstanding specialists and managers.


Development of career paths & succession planning

Development of (top) talents


Implementation of (senior) management development programs


Further development and expansion across all levels

SuccessFactors Learning, Performance & Goals, Succession & Development introduced



Implementation of management training sessions


Vonovia puts a shared culture of diversity, performance and appreciation into practice in an agile organization that is open to change.


Supporting digitalization


Leadership philosophy & values


Integrating refugees into the training system


Proportion of female managers at the first and second levels below the Management Board increased to 30% by the end of 2021



Works agreement on mobile working introduced at the holding company




Increase in the proportion of women at the first level below the Management Board


 Target achieved


In implementation phase




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