Sustainability Report 2019


Outlook for 2020

We will continue to strive to recruit new employees and retain them over the long term. This will involve:

  • Maintaining the high training rate
  • Adopting a zero tolerance approach to discrimination by adhering to codes of conduct, systematically investigating misconduct and ensuring equal pay
  • Implementing measures from the structured bottom-up process between now and the time of the 2021 employee survey
  • Forging ahead with digitalization, in particular through the expansion of the IT landscape in human resources management and the introduction of SAP SuccessFactors in order to provide holistic and digitally supported backing for the employee life cycle
  • Establishing and expanding management development programs and leadership training schemes at all levels
  • Using structured succession planning to further increase the proportion of women in management, with a target of 30% by December 31, 2021, for the two management levels below the Management Board

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