Sustainability Report 2019

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Customer Satisfaction

Challenges, Opportunities and Risks


  • Impact of the public debate, e.g., relating to the correct invoicing of ancillary costs and the allocation of modernization costs, on how Vonovia is seen and on the company’s reputation
  • Channeling customer communication via numerous contact points (online and in person on site) – decentralization a communication challenge
  • Seasonal workload fluctuations in customer service due to peak periods (e.g., dispatch of ancillary expense bills)


  • Positioning in the market by offering excellent service and fast response times in an environment subject to increasing demands regarding the quality of housing and customer service and rising rents at the same time
  • Improving availability to customers by digitalizing processes and services


  • Impact on the company’s success and reputation due to Vonovia’s failure to respond to the limited support for rent increases
  • Possible quality losses – and, as a result, increased customer complaints – due to cost pressure

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