Sustainability Report 2019


Outlook for 2020

We will continue with our environmental and climate protection efforts in 2020. This will involve:

  • Keeping the modernization rate at around 3% and achieving carbon savings of around 13,000 tons
  • Developing a steering concept for focusing on CO2 in the portfolio
  • Making increasing use of hybrid heating systems
  • Completing around 900 units for the portfolio in Germany
  • Completing 85% of new buildings in line with efficiency class A or better*
  • Continuing and expanding the “1,000 roofs” photovoltaic program
  • Reducing carbon emissions by 60% in the Bochum-Weitmar innovation neighborhood
  • Starting to develop public charging points for electromobility
  • Expanding wildflower meadows to cover an area of 100,000 m2 and 100 insect habitats

* Energy efficiency class A or better based on primary energy analysis.

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