Sustainability Report 2019


Training and Education

Challenges, Opportunities and Risks


Initial training
  • Declining numbers of applicants and increasing training obstacles such as lacking educational qualifications of applicants
  • Increasing demands that new generations of employees are placing on their employers
Further training
  • Constantly changing tasks and challenges for Vonovia employees due to the diverse nature of the business model and continuous growth
  • Rising number of employees
  • Different requirements of individual markets in terms of employee skills


Initial training
  • Setting ourselves apart from the competition on the market by offering an attractive working environment
  • Implementing innovative recruitment methods to address additional target groups, e.g., those who have left a course of study before completing it
  • Long-term expansion of the HR structure, preservation of key expertise and securing our own competitive standing by offering very good employment prospects for trainees
  • New perspectives and approaches by integrating refugees
  • Development of individual solutions to support individual trainees, for example, by using training measures to prepare them for professional life or by offering training and tutoring services for dual study courses
Further training
  • Using trends such as digitalization to boost competitive standing and promote the development of new skills and products
  • Individual support for employees in the form of suitable further training


Initial training
  • Increased financial and staff outlay due to traineeships being terminated prematurely, e.g., due to a lack of targeted career advice for young people
Further training

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