Training and Education

Challenges, Opportunities and Risks


In light of our constant need for new employees, declining applications and increasing restrictions to training are a risk to our company. More and more high school graduates decide for an academic career. Lacking educational qualifications are becoming an ever bigger obstacle, especially in the skilled manual crafts. Traineeships being ended before completion – due to some young people’s lack of career orientation – mean an unnecessary waste of resources. In order to counter these risks, we are strengthening our commitment to training marketing, looking for innovative recruitment methods and taking measures to retain junior employees. This gives us the opportunity to address additional target groups, such as those who have left a course of study before completing it, and to recruit them to our company. Trainees at Vonovia benefit from good career prospects. This in turn gives us at Vonovia the opportunity to expand our personnel structure in the long term, retain valuable knowledge in the company and, most importantly, safeguard our competitiveness.

We have expanded our commitment to integrate refugees in our traineeships. During the reporting period, 31 refugees were training with Vonovia. And the number of trainees with a migration background is high across the company in general. This diversity offers our company numerous opportunities, but it also requires us to develop individual solutions for training the individuals, e.g., through qualification measures to prepare trainees for a career, or training and tutoring offers for dual study courses.

Further Training

The diversity of our business model and the continual growth of our company result in a constant stream of new tasks and challenges for our employees. We include these in our training offers, and this, together with the size of our company, allows us to offer our employees numerous opportunities. However, we also have to consider the various groups of employees who work in locations throughout Germany. For this reason, and because of the rising employee numbers, we are increasingly conducting more in-house events in partnership with various education providers. The number of e-learning seminars featured in our range of training offers is also growing. In order to ensure that the right training course can be selected from this wide range, we offer individual support for employees with regards to their development. This also helps us to achieve our goal of filling as many vacancies as possible internally.