Company Environmental Protection

Management Approach

Renting out homes cannot be compared with industrial manufacturing in terms of resource consumption and emissions from our own business processes as they only relate to offices and Vonovia’s vehicle fleet. And in comparison to our portfolio, too, the impact that our daily work has on the environment is minimal. Nevertheless, we endeavor to minimize negative impacts on the environment in this area also by optimizing our processes.

A large part of our in-house work takes place in our own or rented office spaces that are spread throughout Germany as well as in our new headquarters in Bochum. Around ten percent of our employees are based here. The other largest individual locations are used by our customer service department and are based in Duisburg and Dresden. A total of roughly 1,000 employees work there and take care of the needs of our customers.

We are also available on site for our customers – at construction sites, in the residential environment and in taking care of buildings. The mobility that this requires is provided by our large fleet of vehicles, which is responsible for a considerable part of our in-house resource consumption. Due to the significance of this, it is covered in more detail in the chapter Impact of Transport and Logistics.

Establishment in the Organization 103-2

The facility management department is responsible for building management. This primarily concerns the headquarters in Bochum where around 1,000 people are based, but also includes activities across the Group, such as the energy audit. In addition, the managers of individual Vonovia companies are responsible for the decentralized locations.