Transport and Logistics

Management Approach

A number of our employees, particularly our technicians, gardeners and caretakers, often work directly on site at our buildings renovating apartments, caring for green spaces and providing customer service. This requires a good deal of mobility and availability. This applies particularly to our technical service, because their availability and response times have a direct impact on customer satisfaction. Our logistics system focuses on avoiding downtimes in the maintenance of apartments. The technical service therefore provides a vehicle for virtually each technician.

Vonovia’s fleet consists of a total of around 4,800 vehicles. Due to the high level of fuel consumption, the fleet is responsible for the majority of CO2 emissions caused by our internal business processes. By modernizing the fleet of vehicles and attempting to reduce the number of kilometers driven, we aim to ensure that the increase in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions is proportionately lower to the growth in the technical service. The average fuel consumption per vehicle was reduced from 132 litres per month in 2017 to 120 litres in 2018.

The decentralized organizational structure and the internationalization of the business areas – due to the acquisition of BUWOG in Austria and Victoria Park in Sweden in 2018 – is causing an increase in the number of business trips. However, we are committed to employees using modes of mobility that conserve resources and are environmentally friendly. We are thus constantly optimizing our processes in the field of transport and logistics and looking for alternative solutions.

Establishment in the Organization 103-2

Vonovia’s central procurement department is responsible for fleet management throughout the company. As the vehicles in the fleet are primarily minivans used by our technicians and gardeners, the technical service and residential environment companies are included in the management of the fleet – particularly when it comes to user behavior.

The central procurement department also records business trips – in partnership with HR management.