Health Management and Occupational Safety

Management Approach

Vonovia employees work in a variety of fields – ranging from office work to installation and gardening. They face physical and mental stressors that can influence their performance. We ensure that potential threats to our employees are minimized through comprehensive health management and professional occupational safety structures so that they can work in a healthy environment.

Health Management

Our employees’ health is important to us. We aim to promote the wellbeing of our employees, maintain their performance and motivation in the long term and keep them with our company through comprehensive health management, by systematically designing work processes and structures in such a way that they promote health.

Establishment in the Organization 103-2

The team “Health and Social Affairs” is responsible for developing and implementing health management measures.

Occupational Safety

A working environment in which our employees are protected to the best degree possible against risks, hazards and work accidents – regardless of the time, place or type of work – is important to us. We minimize potential risks through targeted measures and adhere to applicable laws and guidelines to the fullest extent possible. Each individual employee and each manager bears responsibility for their own safety and that of their colleagues. This also applies to the employees of companies that we integrate into our company.

The risks that our employees in the headquarters face are relatively low compared with employees in craftsmen and gardening positions. In this area, occupational safety takes the form of assistance as primarily preventative measures are implemented, such as regular safety instructions or the constant updating of instructional documents and operating manuals.

Due to the nature of their work, the potential threats faced by our employees in the technical service and residential environment organization are more severe than those faced by administrative employees. We conduct regular risk assessments in order to identify possible hazards and to derive preventative or corrective measures. 403-2

Establishment in the Organization 103-2

Facility Management and Internal Coordinators

The facility management department is responsible for coordinating occupational safety in the company and initiates and supports measures throughout the company. Occupational safety issues are managed by our internal coordinators for occupational safety. Internal coordinators have been appointed in each of Vonovia’s Group companies. A company representative appointed by the Management Board is the central contact for all employees. The representative communicates regularly with the internal coordinators. Together they work on central occupational safety issues.

Group-wide Occupational Safety Standards

We also provide specialist support for the Group companies through our Group-wide occupational safety standards. We safeguard the transfer of knowledge through regular specialist exchanges between the Group companies. We gradually transfer the existing occupational safety structures of companies that we integrate into our organization. We expand our processes, for instance reviews and instructions, to new employees and locations and document the process. 403-2

Occupational Safety Committees

Occupational safety committees (OSC) meet regularly at the Group companies and investigate occupational safety optimization opportunities. The committees work closely with external occupational safety and occupational health experts and adapt occupational safety measures to current developments, such as workplace requirements, applicable laws, (accident prevention) guidelines, technical requirements and legal acts. Once a quarter the company representatives discuss new developments and the implementation of measures with occupational safety experts, occupational health specialists, safety officers and the works councils at the OSC meetings. 403-4

Technical Service and Residential Environment Service

Due to the number of trade unions at Vonovia and their specific occupational safety demands, the technical service and the residential environment service have their own occupational safety organization.

Organizing Occupational Safety at Vonovia

Organizing Occupational Safety at Vonovia (graph)