Portfolio Maintenance and Tenant Health

Management Approach

Vonovia’s overarching goal is to continually increase the company’s value through profitability and sustainability strategies. We want to manage our portfolio efficiently, while maintaining high living standards for customers.

Vonovia’s German portfolio consists of approximately 360,000 apartments (incl. German BUWOG portfolios). The quality and structural condition are of the utmost importance to the company. After all, we can only gain long-term loyalty and be successful in the future if our tenants are safe and healthy in their homes and enjoy a high standard and good quality of living.

On the one hand, we define portfolio quality as the good structural condition of our properties. This includes all issues relating to maintenance and modernization. In addition to increasing the standard of living and attractiveness of homes, this point also relates to the health of the tenants, which we support by using environmentally friendly materials or by eliminating hazardous substances.

On the other hand, portfolio quality also covers issues relating to the residential environment. Tenants’ sense of security is boosted through well-lit and cleverly designed exterior spaces, and areas designed to increase well-being are created in the neighborhood that are as free as possible from airborne and noise pollution.

Establishment in the Organization 103-2

Changes affecting the structural condition of our buildings are usually conducted by the technical service, while the residential environment service takes care of the area directly surrounding our apartments. The procurement department – in cooperation with the portfolio management department – also plays a role here as it procures construction materials.