Corporate Structure

Vonovia SE, the parent company of Vonovia Group, is organized in the legal form of a dualistic European company (SE) and is managed by a Management Board consisting of four members, assisted by a Supervisory Board. Vonovia SE has its registered headquarters in Germany. Since 2017, its registered office has been in Bochum. 102-3

The parent company performs the function of the management holding company for the Group. As such, it is responsible for determining and pursuing the overall strategy and implementing it in the form of the company’s goals. It performs property management, financing, service, and coordination tasks for the Group. Furthermore, it is responsible for the management, control and monitoring system as well as risk management. 102-5

Unless stated otherwise, all figures in this report relate to Vonovia’s operations in Germany, without the business activities and the portfolios of the recently acquired BUWOG and Victoria Park. A detailed list of Vonovia SE shareholdings can be found in the Annual Report.

Vonovia’s core operating business is divided into six regions – north, east, southeast, central, south and west. These are, in turn, split into business units (BUs), each of which is responsible for an average of around 10,500 residential units on site as part of a decentralized structure. Organization of caretakers, technicians and the residential environment is also based on a regional structure.

Responsibility for the other activities that belong to the Value-add segment, in particular product management, data and energy services, vertical expansion and modernization, is centralized at Vonovia. The same applies to activities relating to sales and acquisition. 102-2

Corporate Structure Rental

Corporate Structure Rental (graph)

* Other shared services and staff functions: investor relations, product management, revision, corporate communication, insurance.

** Asset management, commercial and technical property management, rental, caretakers/facility support.

*** Customer service, facility support, rental, local rental business.

= Partial takeover from or existence of central functions or shared services.

Corporate Structure Development*

Corporate Structure Development (graph)

* Not included in this Sustainability Report.

* Total projects in progress, preparation and planning.

*** Other shared services and staff functions: investor relations, revision, corporate communication, insurance.

The management of the business is based on the company’s strategic approaches and, since last year, has been conducted via the four segments: Rental, Value-add, Recurring Sales and Development. For more information about our corporate structure, we refer to the Annual Report (see AR 2018, chapter Fundamental Information About the Group).