Open Dialogue With Society

Challenges, Opportunities and Risks

The size and presence of Vonovia in Germany (and in Austria) give rise to opportunities and risks that have an impact on stakeholder dialogue. Issues such as faulty heating systems, incorrect invoicing of ancillary costs and rent increases due to modernization allocations can impact tenants’, and the wider public’s, perception of Vonovia. In turn, the company’s reputation can impact operations in local markets.

When developing existing neighborhoods and constructing new buildings, taking the needs, wants and concerns of the tenants and residents into account is indispensable to the success of the project. Dialogue is the most important tool for recognizing critical topics early on, dispelling negative impressions and finding common solutions. We also take care to take diverging stakeholder interests and expectations into consideration. Our communication style is open and we seek out direct contact in order to discuss issues such as affordable homes and new construction and modernization measures. We consider dialogue with our stakeholders to be a natural part of tenant participation. It boosts acceptance of our plans and our reputation.

Landlord-to-tenant electricity and car sharing are innovative products. An open communication style helps Vonovia to be seen as more than just a landlord, and provides the company with an opportunity to position itself as a driver of social development. 102-42, 103-1