Outlook for 2019

We intend to continue “insourcing” in 2019 and – along with the further expansion of our workforce – fill vacant positions and new positions internally wherever possible. A customized HR development strategy will be implemented to tackle the associated challenges. This includes expanding our training offers and adapting them to individual areas’ needs. identifying and training talented individuals from among our own workforce will support our structured succession planning. In connection with this, one measure we intend to implement will be the extension of our successful strategy round table – a dialogue approach between the Management Board and our top talent.

As part of co-determination processes, various Group and works agreements will be harmonized further in 2019. We will also conduct a Vonovia-wide employee survey in 2019 in order to evaluate previous measures and identify new spheres of activity. We specifically intend to focus on employee satisfaction and loyalty, and to review the implementation of our targets in relation to our culture of appreciation, responsibility and team spirit. 102-41

Process harmonization and digitization will continue to be key focal points in 2019.

In 2019, managers will receive more occupational safety training and we will raise awareness among managers of their responsibilities toward employees. Risk assessments will also be carried out in order to gain an overview of the risks associated with various activities.