About Vonovia

As a service provider that puts its customers at the heart of its activities, Vonovia is fully focused on offering attractive homes and innovative housing-related services at fair prices. We are aware of our responsibilities toward society and the environment, and are involved in solving economic, social and environmental challenges in a number of ways – from the long-term maintenance of the properties in our portfolio to the inclusive approach we take in designing our neighborhoods, through to creating new homes.

Vonovia Germany in Figures (incl. portfolio BUWOG Germany) (Dec. 31, 2018)
102-4, 102-6, 102-7

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On site

in 526 cities and communities and 16 federal states

Icon – Own apartments (icon)

Own apartments


Icon – Garages and parking spaces (icon)

Garages and parking spaces


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Commercial units


Icon – Employees (icon)


9,923 (incl. BUWOG Austria and Victoria Park)

Icon – Average apartment size (icon)

Average apartment size

approx. 62 m2

Icon – Total living area (icon)

Total living area

22,364,651 m2

You can see more key figures in our 2018 Annual Report AR 2018, Development of the Economy and the Industry