Health Management and Occupational Safety

Challenges, Opportunities and Risks

Health Management

As it is our aim to be seen as an attractive employer on the labor market, our comprehensive health management and numerous benefits, for example, those concerning work-life balance, are important elements that allow us to stand out from the competition.

In the skilled manual crafts, the physical strains of the work can be very high. This leads to the following risks:

  • Qualified employees have to leave the company prematurely due to these strains and are not able to pass on their knowledge
  • Valuable skills have to be relearned at considerable expense and taking considerable time
  • Filling these positions is more difficult due to the lack of suitable candidates

Vonovia has a number of locations in Germany as well as neighboring European countries such as Austria and Sweden, which means we cannot always provide our services across the board – such as massages or membership of fitness center chains. The digitization of the working world, however, does allow us to expand our offering regardless of the location, for example, with online fitness exercises, our health portal and information via email.

Occupational Safety

Occupational safety requirements are continually developing at Vonovia as a result of the changes to work flows and activities as well work/operating equipment and materials. We therefore constantly analyze safety instructions and operating manuals on dealing with and how to behave in dangerous situations, and update these when necessary. This is necessary to raise awareness among our employees about safety at the workplace and to protect them.

We take workplace hazards very seriously and investigate these issues in depth. The authority that this generates and the associated expertise mark our company out and boost our image both internally and externally.