Outlook for 2019

In 2019, we intend to become more involved in the discussions surrounding climate change, primarily through networks, research projects and partnerships. Developing ideas and concepts regarding the implementation of measures and political demands that enable climate protection while also protecting our tenants are the main focal points. In addition, we intend to launch our own specialist conference in fall 2019, where we can exchange ideas with our stakeholders about the challenges we face and discuss specific possible solutions.

In the future, we also intend to raise awareness of circular economies at Vonovia. Recycling garden waste for energy generation or topsoil production could be an initial step in this area.

We intend to continue pursuing our ecological targets in the procurement department as far as possible, using our economic position in our procurement processes in order to purchase ecological construction materials and products at competitive prices.

We have gained some experience in the field of e-mobility in the past few years – for instance, by testing electric vans. We will continue to observe developments in this area and investigate deployment possibilities for our company. In 2019, we will test some vehicles with natural gas, hybrid and electric drives in everyday use and launch a pilot project on the use of vans with hydrogen drive.