Diversity and Equal Opportunities

Objectives, Measures and Indicators

Employees by gender and by age (2018) 102-8, 405-1

Employees by Gender (graph)
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Men often dominate the trade professions. We work hard to get women and girls interested in the trade professions at Vonovia. We visit schools purposefully to inform female pupils about technical trade traineeships at Vonovia, for example. We also participate in the national Girls’ Day every year. Our female trainees go into schools and talk about their working day as part of the “Ausbildungsbotschafter” (training ambassador) program organized by the Chamber of Commerce (IHK).

When looking for new employees – particularly for the Vonovia technical service and residential environment trade professions, but also for the commercial professions – we include refugees in our recruitment processes and support them in settling into their new lives in Germany. We cooperate with the German Federal Employment Agency, for instance, to integrate refugees into the working world. In 2018, we conducted application days in a joint pilot project and were able to find suitable candidates for traineeships with potential permanent contracts. We will continue this project in 2019.

In order to promote equal opportunities at all levels, Vonovia is aiming to further increase the proportion of women in management. At present, approx. 37% of managers at Vonovia are women. At the top level of management, the diversity concept for the composition of the management and control bodies is set out in detail in the Declaration on Corporate Governance. Remuneration at Vonovia is based on performance-related and market-related factors and does not take the gender of the employee into account. The chapter Employee Key Figures includes the ratio of men’s to women’s salaries at Vonovia. 405-2

There were no incidents of discrimination at Vonovia in 2018. 406-1

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