Neighborhood Development

Challenges, Opportunities and Risks

The development of our neighborhoods is accompanied by a number of diverse social factors. Modernization and densification measures are becoming increasingly important in countering the scarcity of homes, yet acceptance is sometimes lacking for these measures. The inclusion of all stakeholders, especially tenants and municipal politicians, is a considerable challenge, but also one of our most important tasks. We are convinced that we can mitigate associated risks and lead cooperative discussion with active communication and by including tenants.

By providing a positive image of neighborhood development work to raise acceptance, we are taking the opportunity to increase general customer satisfaction further, establishing ourselves in the town’s local society and contributing to the sustainable development of entire areas of towns or cities.

Finding the right balance between investment, economic viability and the affordability of homes remains important to Vonovia in its large-scale neighborhood development projects. We counter these challenges by making voluntary commitments or by utilizing public funding.