Objectives, Measures and Indicators

It is our aim to increase customer satisfaction further, thereby securing the foundation of our economic success. We leave nothing to chance in this area and purposefully align all measures that we take to generate positive effects.

One material aspect of this work is the preservation and improvement of the quality of our portfolio properties, which we primarily achieve through maintenance and modernization measures to improve energy efficiency and the standard of living (see chapter Increasing Portfolio Quality). In 2017, we set ourselves the target of implementing a modernization rate (refurbishment rate) of more than 3% per year for the first time, and in the reporting year achieved almost 5% for the second consecutive time. This means we exceeded the target once more. We always focus on the health and safety of our tenants in all that we do, for example, in the choice of materials used in construction and the implementation of security concepts.

Constructing new homes has been the focus of our activities for a number of years. The size of our company allows us to achieve economies of scale in many areas, reduce costs and thereby offer affordable homes. Modular and serial construction methods, which we have employed for just as long, also play an important role.

In all of our activities, we never lose sight of our stakeholders’ interests. We have established processes that enable us to include our stakeholders’ interests in our planning and decision making and thus find the best solutions for our neighborhoods. Our stakeholders’ ideas, opinions and suggestions are an important element of Vonovia’s neighborhood development work.