Sustainable Corporate Governance

As a residential real estate company, Vonovia plays a central role in society. Our activities are never solely about economic issues, they also have social aspects – this is because housing is a special, sensitive and long-term product. The life cycle of buildings stretches over a number of decades, and the direction that Vonovia takes is also characterized by the long-term development of the portfolio. Our relationships with our customers – and their relationships with our offering – are therefore a vital element in the strategic orientation of our company.

In this context, trust, transparency and reliability are decisive criteria for the company’s success. This means it is absolutely necessary to stick to the rules – from laws and directives to social norms and agreements. Good corporate governance also plays a part in this, as does open and transparent dialogue with our stakeholder groups. We will only be in a position to meet our customers’ needs and wants with our apartments if our tenants feel they can rely on us. Sustainability is therefore a material aspect of our basic sense of identity as a company.