Objectives, Measures and Indicators

Vonovia is obliged to carry out sustainable ongoing maintenance in the portfolio and to provide modern, affordable homes that meet society’s needs. We aim to keep buildings in our portfolio long term and to develop them sustainably. In addition to providing homes, we offer housing-related services that generate added value for our customers.

In order to achieve our goals, we must establish trust: The trust of our customers, partners, service providers, employees and investors in Vonovia as a company and in our services. We must show that we are a reliable partner and employer that takes their concerns and needs seriously and understands them, and we must reflect this in our conduct. Only then can we build up the long-term and trusting relationships that we would like to have.

Vonovia’s corporate governance is aimed at generating long-term growth and we include not only economic but also ecological and social aspects in our corporate decisions. It is based on good corporate governance, which we strengthen through our consistent adherence to applicable laws and regulations as part of our compliance management processes, as well as through voluntary obligations that often exceed international standards. Corporate governance at Vonovia involves good and open cooperation between the Supervisory Board and the Management Board and the deployment of effective control bodies.

As part of the internationalization of our business and in collaboration with our subsidiaries Victoria Park and BUWOG, we are currently adjusting the existing compliance rules to the new circumstances. This ensures compliance throughout the Group. Our Code of Conduct serves as an ethical and legal guideline for our conduct. It is closely related to our internal mission statement, which provides orientation for our everyday activities. We manage the cooperation with external partners and service providers in our supply chain through our Business Partner Code, our general terms and conditions of purchasing, and individual agreements.

We maintain close and ongoing contact with our stakeholder groups. This allows us to identify trends, developments, changes and, most importantly, their expectations, early on and integrate them into our business processes. This dialogue also helps us to create transparency with regard to our activities and to establish and strengthen stakeholders’ – and the public’s – trust in our company.