Environmental Protection in the Portfolio

Management Approach

Climate change is already affecting environmental conditions in many parts of the world. Such changes are also increasingly becoming visible in Germany with ever longer periods of warm weather, a rise in average temperatures, and a higher incidence of downpours and storms. The decline in biodiversity and the general decrease in natural areas add to this.

This is why protecting the climate and environment does not stop at the doorstop for Vonovia. Our company not only invests in energy-efficient building refurbishments but also takes responsibility for the areas surrounding its apartments. Vonovia’s portfolio does not simply consist of individual apartment and buildings. We take care of more than 217,000 trees, around 40 million m2 of open space, 14 million m2 of lawns and around 310 kilometers of hedges. This greenery allows us to improve the residential atmosphere and air quality in our neighborhoods, provide habitats for animals and combat increasing soil sealing.

We want to motivate our tenants to protect the environment, too, and are supporting them in their endeavors. Our support primarily takes the form of helping them to reduce the resources they consume, such as water and energy, and reduce and recycle their waste.

Our security obligations mean we are responsible for ensuring that equipment, such as oil boilers and sewer canals, is used and maintained correctly and does not damage the environment.

Establishment in the Organization 103-2

Our residential environment organization is responsible for taking care of our green spaces. The organization plans and carries out gardening and landscaping work. Currently, around 650 employees in the residential environment – around 400 of whom are gardeners – cultivate and landscape the open spaces. As far as maintenance is concerned, Vonovia implemented its first gardening and landscaping projects with its own employees in 2018. This move also allows the company to expand its training opportunities in the gardening and landscaping segment. The offices in Dresden, Berlin and Hanover are currently training employees in gardening and landscaping. Future growth and expertise will increasingly be generated within the company itself in the field of gardening and landscaping as well.

Traffic security obligations are recorded and managed by our central technology department.

Communication with tenants is supported through our centralized corporate communications.