Environmental Protection in Connection with Conversions and New Construction

Management Approach

We impact the environment not only through the operation of our buildings, but also through our construction activities, which consume resources and release emissions. On our construction sites, we ensure that our employees and service providers adhere to all applicable laws and regulations in order to protect people and the environment to the fullest extent possible.

In addition, constructing new buildings gives us the opportunity to establish a sustainability-conscious focus directly in the planning processes. This is achieved through the use of sustainable materials, the addition of greenery or through efficient and – wherever possible – renewable energy supply. The recyclability of construction materials and the reduction of construction waste are also becoming more important. BUWOG’s development projects specifically develop and pilot innovative processes (see chapter BUWOG).

Vonovia believes that sustainability and cost-efficiency can go together. We intend to seize the opportunities of sustainable procurement available to us through efficient and centrally organized procurement processes and cooperative supplier relationships.

Establishment in the Organization 103-2

New constructions are organized and managed by our new construction department in cooperation with the regions. The portfolio and rent management department provides support functions. The central procurement department at Vonovia is responsible for procuring construction materials and services, and thus also supply chain management.

With the acquisition of BUWOG and its development division, Vonovia has gained significant potential in the new construction field. Further comprehensive development projects will continue to be conducted under the brand name and responsibility of BUWOG – partly for sale and partly for the portfolio. More information is available in the section BUWOG.