Long-term Growth

Objectives, Measures and Indicators

Our objective is to provide our customers with modern, comfortable and affordable homes and housing-related services. Vonovia creates attractive homes in numerous German cities and takes care of the building stock by investing in new construction, building and apartment optimization and holistic neighborhood development. We aim to provide important services ourselves rather than being dependent on external service providers. We are therefore focusing on our services in the following three areas.

  • Vonovia technical service (VTS): The majority of construction work in our portfolio is performed by the VTS, which enables us to guarantee secure supply and a high level of service speed.
  • Residential environment organization: The residential environment organization performs gardening and landscaping work in the portfolio, such as creating new green spaces and playgrounds or creating communicative neighborhood centers outside of the buildings.
  • Caretaker organization: The caretakers from our caretaker organization support our tenants on site and respond to customer inquiries and requests that cannot be handled on the phone by the central customer service center.

Customer satisfaction is a non-financial performance indicator that is especially important to Vonovia since our economic success is directly linked to our tenants’ satisfaction levels. Our central customer service center assists Vonovia tenants with issues such as queries relating to lease agreements and consumption bills and ancillary expense bills.

We expanded our range of housing-related services once more in 2018 and began looking into more services that we can offer our customers. These incude:

  • launching Vonovia Energie Service GmbH (VESG), which allows us to offer our customers electricity and gas at favorable conditions,
  • providing remote meter readings using smart-metering devices in 130,000 apartments,
  • continuing to pilot car sharing offers and expanding charging infrastructure,
  • harnessing further potential in decentralized energy generation and generating heat for potable water and heating systems using cogeneration units (CHP units), and
  • expanding senior-friendly apartment conversions and renovating bathrooms in response to tenant requests.

You can find out more about additional measures we have put in place to grow sustainably in the annual report (see AR 2018, chapter Our Service PromiseAR 2018, chapter Report on Economic Position).