Energy Efficiency and Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Management Approach


Every day, energy is consumed and emissions are released as a result of the operation of our buildings. On the one hand, volumes are dependent on the behavior of customers, on the other, however, they also depend on the age and condition of the building and on weather conditions. We only have a limited influence on individual use and we cannot control the weather, but we can improve the condition of our portfolio with suitable measures – thereby reducing the energy consumption and emissions from the apartments. Due to the size of our portfolio, this is Vonovia’s primary lever for significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

We will achieve this mainly through comprehensive energy-efficient modernizations in the portfolio and modern, energy-efficient new constructions. These measures will allow us to offer attractive and comfortable homes throughout Germany.

Energy Supply

Lower resource consumption and higher energy efficiency are two important strategies in reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions. Another lever we have is the expansion of renewable energy as part of the energy revolution, which is chiefly characterized by the decentralized generation and storage of electricity. Changes in legislation and various funding programs support projects are driving forward the decentralization of energy supply. Our connected neighborhoods – particularly in urban conurbations – and the expanse of roof surface provides us with interesting opportunities for using and expanding renewable energies in our real estate portfolio. They represent an effective lever that we and our customers could use to contribute to climate protection and the energy revolution in Germany. For Vonovia this also opens up new business areas in which climate protection could be advanced both economically and in a customer-friendly manner.

Establishment in the Organization 103-2

The portfolio and tenant management department is responsible for planning and managing planned modernization measures in the portfolio. Planned new constructions are partly organized by our new constructions department and partly through the regions, and the portfolio and tenant management department provides support functions.

The business development department is responsible for energy supply issues. Energy sales, through which our customers can sign green electricity contracts directly with Vonovia, take place via the company’s own Vonovia Energie Service GmbH.