Training and Education

Management Approach

The training and education of our employees is a particularly important topic. It allows us to build up and expand important skills and to guarantee high quality work in the interests of our customers.


Vonovia offers a wide range of traineeships. We believe that this has a positive impact on Vonovia’s public image, because it allows us

  • to create secure jobs,
  • to take social responsibility, and
  • to increase our attractiveness as an employer.

Our focus on craftsmen training allows us to expand our technical service and adapt it to meet the requirements of the company. This can help us to minimize the risk of bottlenecks relating to qualifications and to ensure a well-balanced average age in our workforce. Training is an indispensable element of Vonovia’s HR policy, because it

  • safeguards our company’s competitiveness,
  • ensures the availability of qualified junior employees and the preservation of knowledge,
  • secures need-based and timely HR development (for instance with regards to digitization), and
  • is designed to make us less dependent on the external labor market (particularly for the craftsmen/technical service areas).

We offer our trainees good prospects once they have completed their training. This is reflected in the high number of people taken on after their training, which stood at 81.1% in 2018.

Establishment in the Organization 103-2

HR management’s training and HR development department is responsible for training. It cooperates closely with other business areas and external partners to ensure the highest quality of training.

Further Training

Further training of Vonovia employees is a core element of HR activities. We aim to ensure that our employees are optimally qualified, provide them with support in their current work and prepare them for future tasks. This allows us to help every employee find the position that is right for them. Our Vonovia Academy offers training courses, specialist seminars, manager training, talent management and certified qualifications that are tailored to our needs and targets. The academy provides our employees with numerous opportunities to develop their skills and methods and to develop personally, and it helps us to fill positions with internal candidates where possible. As a result, we attach a great deal of importance to talent management, to ensuring that our top performers stay with Vonovia and to systematic succession planning. And it helps improve the motivation and satisfaction of our employees.

Important aspects of our HR development work are:

  • Leadership
  • Succession planning
  • Talent management
  • Further training
  • Assessment and feedback.

We are systematically developing and expanding our work in these areas. This will allow us to secure our existing workforce of employees and managers, as required by our operations, identify junior managers and prepare them for future management responsibilities.

Structured HR development also helps to improve the company’s efficiency and profitability and prepare for future tasks and challenges.

The Vonovia Academy

All HR development tools at Vonovia are based on our mission statement, our values and our leadership philosophy. This is also true for the Vonovia Academy. The academy is an important part of our HR development work, and continuously offers a range of training and coaching opportunities, specialist and management seminars and certified qualifications – such as dual study courses or master craftsman training – adapted to meet the specific needs of our departments. Special in-house training courses include “the starter pack for successful entry into management” and the training series “basic leadership training.”

The Pillars of the Vonovia Academy

The Pillars of the Vonovia Academy (graph)

Establishment in the Organization 103-2

The training and HR development department is responsible for HR development. The department works closely with other business areas and our external education suppliers.