Sustainability Report 2019


Occupational Health and Safety

Challenges, Opportunities and Risks


Health management
  • Introduction and implementation of a Group-wide program in Germany, e.g., massages and membership of fitness center chains
Occupational health and safety
  • Changes in occupational health and safety requirements
  • Country-specific differences
  • Raising awareness of occupational health and safety in day-to-day work
  • Increasing a sense of responsibility for occupational health and safety at all levels of the hierarchy
  • Technical transformation of machinery and equipment, e.g., moving to battery-powered devices

Health management

  • Making Vonovia more attractive as an employer by ensuring a comprehensive health management program and offering a wide range of options, e.g., for work-life balance
  • Improved management of the challenge of satisfying employee needs for sports activities and relaxation opportunities at a large number of locations by entering into various fitness partnerships
  • Expanding the range of services on offer by making use of digital platforms, e.g., web-based fitness exercises, our health portal and sending information out via email
Occupational health and safety
  • Reducing or preventing occupational accidents by raising awareness of how to deal with potentially dangerous situations and “safe behavior”
  • Reducing possible time lost
  • Ensuring more environmentally friendly ways of working and minimizing emissions with the aid of electronic devices
  • Optimizing existing work equipment, e.g., solutions for working in an (even) more dust-free environment
  • Strengthening Vonovia’s positive image both internally and externally by demonstrating competence and authority in the area of occupational health and safety


Health management
  • Loss of valuable skills and experience as a result of employees having to leave the company prematurely due to the physical strain of the trade profession, which Vonovia can only reacquire in a time-consuming and costly process
Occupational health and safety
  • Possibility that processes and procedures could be extended by excessive caution and that productivity could fall as a result
  • High-risk activities could be misjudged as they become routine

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