Sustainability Report 2019





What topics are you interested in?

For a quick overview of the most important information in the 2019 Sustainability Report, we recommend the following eleven topics:

# Energy efficiency & carbon savings

Managing the energy efficiency of homes through modernization and the replacement of heating systems

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# Goals & sustainability management

13 goals and a comprehensive strategy for focusing on sustainability in the company

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# Renewable energy

Producing renewable energy through decentralized energy supply

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# Biodiversity

Safeguarding and increasing the diversity of flora and fauna

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# Health & safety

Protecting tenants in their day-to-day home and working lives

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# Affordable housing & construction

Around 15,000

apartments (partially) modernized to make them senior-friendly

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# Corporate citizenship and philanthropy

Developing neighborhoods in a holistic way and making them vibrant

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# Diversity & equal opportunities

Respecting and encouraging diversity in the company

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# Training and education

Taking targeted measures to expand our employees’ skills and developing young talent

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# Business ethics & compliance

Managing the company responsibly and sustainably

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# Dialogue with stakeholders & partnerships

Finding common solutions for positive cooperation

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