Sustainability Report 2019

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Community Development

Objectives, Measures and Indicators

Vonovia is currently implementing 13 major community development projects nationwide:

Community development projects Germany

Components of Community Development Based on the Example of Dortmund-Westerfilde

  • Holistic community development project based on the City of Dortmund’s integrated action plan
  • Investment volume of € 23 million in the implementation period from 2016 to 2020
  • Socially acceptable energy-efficient modernization of 640 apartments focusing on the needs of customers and the portfolio and using public funds
  • Rent restrictions for 110 units following completion of the measures
  • Development of a concierge project to improve accessibility and rid the neighborhood of areas that feel unsafe and creation of a new neighborhood center
  • Creation of attractive housing for senior citizens and families
  • Upgrading of open spaces and neighborhood squares as well as facade renovation featuring artistic designs
  • Social services and support for residents (e.g., games and sports, social counseling)
  • Extensive tenant information and involvement, e.g., via workshop participation

More information is available at

Description of objective

Involving stakeholders in planning and decision-making processes

Description of measures

Implementing measures for participation/consultation procedures

  • Strengthening acceptance of construction measures and community development projects
  • Promoting holistic community development
  • Creating diverse, open and liveable spaces that people can identify with
  • Measures including tenant workshops allowing tenants to actively contribute to facade and playground design, mobility issues or route/pathway design

Participation measures

  • Information: in writing and at information events
  • Tenant/senior citizen advisory boards and neighborhood offices as a central port of call for tenants with concerns
  • Tenant participation: workshops to define measures, information exchange through meetings, discussions, surveys and pop-up offices
  • Individual communication measures such as “doorstep chats” and neighborhood tours
  • Long-term participation concepts to facilitate ongoing involvement
  • If necessary, mediation procedure
  • More than 8,000 tenants reached out to at tenant meetings and in consultation procedures


tenant meetings and consultation
procedures in 2019

(81 tenant meetings, 20 tenant
advisory boards, 78 consultation

Description of objective

Implementing approaches to create vibrant and liveable housing stocks

Description of measures

Implementation of community development projects

  • Three new community development projects launched in 2019: Bochum-Weitmar, Duisburg-Hüttenheim and Stuttgart-Kornwestheim
  • 13 community development projects in 2019 covering approx. 9,000 units with an investment volume of around € 60 million (over the entire term > € 500 million)

Supplementing investments in construction measures (refurbishment, densification, vertical expansion) with further measures aimed at upgrading homes and increasing the value of the portfolio in the process

  • Infrastructure improvements (mobility offers, local amenities, day care centers, etc.)
  • Creation of recreational areas, green spaces, playgrounds and communal gardens
  • Realization of holistic energy concepts

Incorporation of mobility concepts into the construction work involved in developing residential surroundings

  • Car sharing
  • Bicycle parking spaces, cargo bikes
  • E-mobility


community development projects
covering approx. 9,000 units with
an investment volume of around
€ 60 million (in 2019)

Description of objective

Supporting social and community activities in neighborhoods

Description of measures

Expanding cooperation initiatives with local social and public institutions as a strategic component of community development

  • To upgrade neighborhoods and the portfolio
  • To promote social cohesion
  • To make neighborhoods more eco-friendly

Needs-based support for specific projects and initiatives on site

  • Financial support/donations based on the requirements set out in the donations and sponsorship guidelines
  • Donations in kind, making premises available
  • Personal commitment of employees (particularly in clean-up and greening campaigns)

Provisions of rent-free or discounted commercial premises to social/charitable organizations

  • 5,911 m2 in 59 commercial units

Initiation of a central funding program for social projects

  • Funding volume: € 200,000 (€ 400,000 from 2020 onwards)
  • 131,383 units targeted with 94 projects = 37% of the total of 355,708 residential units

Implementation of “Vonovia bewegt” (Vonovia: making a difference) from July 1, 2019, onwards by the customer service department to support non-profit organizations operating locally in Duisburg and Dresden (€ 1,000 per location and month for one local organization in each case); projects selected based on employee votes

Foundation work

  • Support measures to benefit tenants or the rental environment
  • Support for tenants facing social hardship
  • Involvement in four foundations: Vonovia Stiftung, Vonovia Mieterstiftung e. V., Stiftung Mensch und Wohnen and Stiftung Pro Bochum
  • Total funds distributed: € 198,852

More information is available at

Overview of financial contributions made to social projects and institutions in 2019:

  • Locally through regional contributions: € 223,220 in 77 projects
  • Centrally via the funding program for social projects: € 185,598 in 94 projects
  • “Vonovia bewegt”: € 12,000 in 12 projects
  • Via the foundations: € 198,852
  • Via central cooperation projects: € 297,600 (Stifterverband, Jewish Museum in Frankfurt, Teach First Germany)
  • Total financial contributions: € 917,270

> € 900,000

invested in social projects

You can find further information on our community development projects and our local activities at (German only).

An overview of our construction measures can be found in this Sustainability Report in the chapters Portfolio Maintenance and Tenant Health and Safety and Creating Appropriate Living Space and Affordable Rents. You can find out more about energy-efficient refurbishments in the chapter Energy Efficiency and Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

Through its Corporate Communications departments, Vonovia implements other centrally managed projects with a cultural or location-specific focus, including:

The Vonovia Photo Award

  • Annual photo competition with the theme of “Zuhause” (at home)
  • Prize money of € 42,000
  • For professionals and up-and-coming new photographers alike
  • Established as one of the leading photography competitions in Germany

More information:

VfL Bochum

  • Sponsorship with naming rights for the stadium of the second-league soccer team VfL Bochum: Vonovia Ruhrstadion
  • Support for VfL Talentwerk, the club’s youth organization
  • Implementation of numerous soccer camps for children

More information:

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