Sustainability Report 2019


Occupational Health and Safety

Objectives, Measures and Indicators

Protecting and maintaining our employees’ health and boosting their satisfaction are matters that are very important to us. In order to achieve this, our health management system offers various measures – from ergonomic stations to a health portal and preventative medical check-ups. The colorectal cancer prevention and fitness center membership services are very popular.

Occupational safety requirements are continually developing at Vonovia as a result of the changes to work flows and activities as well as work/operating equipment and materials. We constantly analyze safety instructions and operating manuals on dealing with and how to behave in dangerous situations, and update these when necessary. These requirements are necessary to raise awareness among our employees about safety in the workplace and to protect them.

Health Management

Description of objective

Implementation of a comprehensive health management system

Description of measures

Development and implementation of (preventative) measures to maintain our employees’ performance, health and motivation in the long run

  • Preventative medical check-ups such as colorectal cancer prevention
  • Vaccinations
  • Massages
  • Partnerships with fitness centers
  • Service hotline providing advice and coaching to employees and managers (psychosocial counseling)

Description of objective

Promoting healthy lifestyles

Description of measures

Training sessions, e.g., seminars at the Vonovia Academy

  • On dealing with stress
  • On preventing burnout
  • On dealing with complaints, conflict and difficult situations involving customers
  • For managers to help them promote the health of their employees

Health tips

  • “Zeit für Gesundheit” (Time for Health) portal for health-related information, e.g., nutritional advice, BMI calculator, fitness exercises for the office and advice for the next medical checkup
  • Company sports events such as internally organized running events and soccer competitions
  • Corporate integration management following longer absences from work due to illness to slowly get employees accustomed to day-to-day working life again
Icon – Zeit für Gesundheit

Vonovia’s “Zeit für Gesundheit” (Time for Health) portal

  • Ergonomic workstations and nutrition
  • State-of-the-art office equipment in Bochum, e.g., including electric standing desks
  • Free water and extended range on offer in the canteen to promote a balanced diet at the company headquarters in Bochum

Occupational Health and Safety

Description of objective

Implementation and updating of Group-wide occupational health and safety standards

Description of measures

Adapting occupational health and safety standards and management to reflect new developments

  • E.g., changes in legislation, accidents, new areas of activity or integration measures
  • Performing mandatory safety inspections, for example, on portable electrical operating equipment and ladders, on a regular basis
  • Optimizing the portfolio of personal protective equipment on an ongoing basis
  • Introducing a skin protection scheme

Raising employee awareness of safety at work

  • Training courses
  • Initial and follow-up briefing sessions
  • Training sessions on “Occupational Safety for Managers – corporate duties and liability risks”
  • Expansion/adjustment of the training on offer to reflect the activities actually performed in practice in the company
  • Annual meeting of safety officers (Vonovia SE, real estate service and Immobilien Treuhand) to discuss implemented and planned measures
  • Optimizing standards for the storage of hazardous substances in the residential environment organization to achieve higher operational safety and to improve protection for employees and the environment


throughout the Group trained on occupational health and safety

Description of objective

Implementation of risk assessments conducted by external service providers

Description of measures

Event-driven repeat risk assessments on specific locations and activities


  • Preparation of the risk assessment for mental stress
  • Nationwide comparison of a total of 16 trade-specific risk assessments involving technical managers at all locations
  • Gradual development/switch from trade-related risks to activity-based risk assessments
  • Establishment of an expert team with the service provider AMD TÜV Rheinland to facilitate even closer coordination with occupational health and safety specialists and occupational medical officers
  • Effectiveness checks conducted by the occupational health and safety specialists to optimize occupational health and safety directly on location on construction sites in joint discussions with technicians and their managers

Residential environment:

  • Mental strain, biological substances ordinance, interior and glass cleaning, hazardous substance management

Real estate service and Immobilien Treuhand:

  • Activities as managers, landlords, technicians, caretakers, sales personnel and residential property managers, and at new locations across Germany, as well as in connection with work on flat roofs

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