Sustainability Report 2019


Portfolio Maintenance and Tenant Health

Management Approach

Vonovia pursues a strategy of profitability and sustainability in order to continuously increase the value of the company. We want to manage our portfolio efficiently, while maintaining high living standards for customers. As a result, maintaining and increasing the quality of our housing is of particular importance. After all, we can only gain long-term loyalty and be successful in the future if our tenants are safe and healthy in their homes and enjoy a high quality of living. This is why we renovate and modernize our buildings on an ongoing basis and take measures to increase standards of comfort in our residential properties.

We offer conversion measures to meet specific tenant needs via our housing-related services – for example, senior-friendly apartment conversions – and make mobility and security solutions available. In Germany, we convert at least one in three of our apartments that are newly rented or partially modernized to make them suitable for senior citizens. When we renovate vacant apartments and redesign spaces, we make sure that they are accessible or barrier-free. In addition, we build and design our apartments so that groups with special needs – e.g., people suffering from dementia – also feel at home in our properties. This systematic focus on senior-friendly conversion and refurbishment is our way of responding to the process of demographic change within our society.

Portfolio quality means:

  • Ensuring the sound structural condition of our buildings through maintenance and modernization work
  • Guaranteeing our tenants’ safety and health
  • Focusing on the residential environment
  • Achieving value and return from the portfolio, which we aim to improve through new constructions, holistic community development and targeted acquisitions and sales

By maintaining and upgrading older properties, Vonovia is helping to solve one of the biggest social challenges of our time: ensuring key housing in urban areas.

Establishment in the Organization 103-2

Changes affecting the structural condition of our buildings are usually conducted by the technical service, while the residential environment service takes care of the area directly surrounding our apartments. Sustainability aspects are taken into account in procurement (of building materials) thanks to close collaboration between the portfolio management, technical service and procurement departments.

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