Sustainability Report 2019

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Customer Satisfaction

Objectives, Measures and Indicators

Description of objective

Measuring customer satisfaction

Description of measures

Quarterly calculation of the Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) using customer surveys as a key performance indicator

  • Survey regarding overarching topics such as image, loyalty and overall satisfaction
  • Topic-related feedback on customer loyalty, maintenance and modernization measures
  • Feedback on repairs, residential buildings and external areas
  • Results are included in the calculation of Management Board remuneration

Introduction of a new online tool developed by the service provider “AktivBo” to measure customer satisfaction

Collection of information on other indicators such as the vacancy rate or tenant fluctuation

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Customer satisfaction
an important criterion for the
remuneration paid to the Management
Board and employees

Description of objective

Ongoing improvements in customer service

Description of measures

Expansion and improvement of customer service through service centers, caretakers, the residential neighborhood organization and the multilingual central customer service center

  • Direct and personal communication with tenants
  • Reduction in time needed to process customer queries

Expansion of self-service functions for 24/7 availability

  • Customer platform
  • Further development of the tenant app allowing online access to ancillary cost documents, expanded to include an area for interested parties, customer satisfaction survey and energy agreements

Implementation of measures developed based on customer surveys

  • Increase in telephone availability
  • Improvement in email communication with Vonovia
  • Optimization of ancillary costs bills
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Extensive self-service functions on the tenant app

Description of objective

Ongoing expansion of the range of housing-related services (value-add services)

(see chapter Value-add Strategy)

Description of measures

Expansion of value-add offering to complement our core activities

  • Services that offer greater convenience and added value for customers
  • Services that are cost-effective and remain affordable
  • Services that are suitable for standardization and implementation on a large scale

Expansion of the range of energy services on offer

  • Smart meter solutions for the digitalization of meter-reading processes
  • Landlord-to-tenant electricity concept using the installation of additional photovoltaic plants
  • Expansion of green electricity offering to new customers

Expansion of the portfolio of services for the residential environment

  • Caretaking services and cleaning work
  • Maintenance of green spaces
  • Digital assistance systems for living in old age and cooperation with social institutions and care services

Description of objective

Expansion of hardship management to improve customer service in difficult situations

Description of measures

Implementation of a uniform nationwide process for hardship management

  • Expansion of internal guidelines and additional staff
  • Definition of a financial framework for additional costs not exceeding € 2/m2
  • Better individual support for customers in difficult situations provided by the hardship team in Bochum (hardship managers) and the neighborhood managers
  • Hardship team available 24/7
  • Adaptation of processes to ensure personal contact and to allow joint solutions to be identified, e.g., moving to a different apartment, staggering of rent increases or reduction in the modernization cost allocation for a certain period of time
  • Addition of over 70s arrangement: guaranteeing affordable housing for tenants aged over 70
  • Decision on financial/personal hardship before construction work begins
  • Structured application of financial and personal hardship objections based on a standard form; transparent description of the documents to be submitted

Number of hardship arrangements:

  • 1,600 cases of hardship in around 13,200 modernization projects
  • 315 cases among over 70s processed, with positive decisions in 176 cases (rent increases were not implemented)


customers assisted by hardship management
team in 13,200 modernization projects –

individual support provided by hardship and
neighborhood managers

Support in Modernization Projects

Support in Modernization Projects

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