Sustainability Report 2019


Company Environmental Protection

Challenges, Opportunities and Risks


  • Obligation to conduct an energy audit every four years according to the Energy Services Act (EDL-G):
    • Complete overview of all data and consumption
    • Covering all locations and all companies (challenge: detailed, and locations often only of very small size)
  • Long-term planning is required to ensure sensible and sustainable changes to the structural and energy efficiency features of office buildings
  • Aim to switch to electric vans vs. actual range and reliability of the vehicles


  • Reduction in operating costs thanks to more efficient mobility and a reduction in the energy required
  • Resource consumption can be controlled better via the company’s own office properties (e.g., corporate headquarters in Bochum or new customer and administration center in Vienna)


  • Rising energy and fuel prices push up the operating costs of offices and the costs of the vehicle fleet
  • Waning social acceptance of diesel vehicles – could even result in a possible ban on these vehicles

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