Sustainability Report 2019

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We participate in a whole range of national and international sustainability ratings and benchmarks. This allows us to measure our sustainability performance and relevant key figures against recognized standards and our competitors and, if necessary, to identify optimization measures.


The European Public Real Estate Association (EPRA) evaluates the sustainability transparency of listed real estate companies based on the EPRA Sustainability Best Practice Recommendations (sBRP). In 2019, we received the Gold award for our governance, environmental and social performance for the second time running.

EPRA – Diagram
CDP – Climate Change

The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) helps companies to measure and manage their environmental performance and the associated opportunities and risks. Vonovia has been participating in the CDP’s Climate Change Program since 2017. We were awarded a B rating for our performance in 2019.

CDP – Diagram

GRESB (Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark) is a leading investor-initiated rating system that is designed to make the sustainability performance of real estate companies and funds more transparent. The GRESB score is calculated by weighting seven different aspects. We were able to improve our score from 50 points to 58 points in 2019.

GRESB – Diagram

MSCI ESG Research rates companies on a scale from AAA to CCC based on their ESG-related risk exposure and how they handle these risks compared to other companies. We were upgraded from BBB to A in the annual ranking for 2019.

MSCI – Diagram

Sustainalytics is an independent, innovative service provider of responsible investment services. Sustainalytics uses the ESG approach to analyze and evaluate the sustainability performance of companies and countries alike. Vonovia improved its ESG rating from 52 to 58 points.

Sustainalytics – Diagram

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