Sustainability Report 2019

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Community Development

Challenges, Opportunities and Risks


  • Mixed acceptance of modernization and densification measures; “not in my backyard” stance
  • Involvement of stakeholders, especially tenants and municipal politicians
  • Time-consuming participation procedures mean that construction measures take longer


  • Strengthening acceptance of our measures and improving customer satisfaction by involving stakeholders in planning and decision-making processes
  • Use of small-scale formats to get tenants involved and to minimize their concerns and worries
  • Enhancing the quality of the solutions developed by tailoring the measures to suit local conditions and requirements
  • Creating more attractive living space thanks to the voluntary commitment shown by customers and residents
  • Increasing quality of living by creating new green spaces, playgrounds and neighborhood centers as places for residents to communicate (recreational areas)
  • Strengthening neighborhoods and a sense of community spirit between people from different backgrounds by taking measures to foster integration


  • Greater obligation to take requests that are expressed into account due to increased participation
  • Possible negative impact on credibility if competing interests cannot be given adequate consideration

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