Sustainability Report 2019


Portfolio Maintenance and Tenant Health

Challenges, Opportunities and Risks


  • Increasing demand for sustainable building materials
  • Attention drawn to energy-efficient modernization measures has an impact on the public perception of Vonovia (e.g., modernization cost allocation)
  • Tenant-landlord dilemma can stand in the way of investments


  • Building a reputation by maintaining and providing attractive housing


  • Cost-effective implementation of construction measures hindered by the scarcity of craftsmen’s capacities and an increase in construction costs as a result of the construction boom in recent years
  • Construction measures taking longer to implement and becoming more expensive due to drawn-out construction approval procedures
  • Insufficient information regarding the materials used in construction or the implementation of construction regulations
  • More stringent construction and tenancy law provisions
  • Increase in construction costs due to mounting requirements for senior-friendly homes
  • Increase in cost of building materials with regard to sustainability requirements
  • Lack of tenant acceptance for construction measures

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