Sustainability Report 2019

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Key Figures

Social Key Figures


The set of indicators for the social key figures was collected for the first time in 2019 and relates exclusively to Germany.

Involving Local Communities


Tenant meetings and consultation processes

More than 8,000 tenants reached out to at 179 tenant meetings and consultation procedures relating to 13,200 modernized residential units

Grants for social projects and facilities

Locally through regional contributions: € 223,220 in 77 projects

Centrally via a funding program for social projects: € 185,598 in 94 projects

In Duisburg and Dresden via customer service (“Vonovia bewegt”): € 12,000 in 12 projects

Via the foundations: € 198,852

Central cooperation projects: € 297,600 (Stifterverband, Jewish Museum in Frankfurt, Teach First Germany) Total: € 917,270

Units targeted via the central funding program for social projects

131,383 units targeted with 94 projects = 37% of the total of 355,708 residential units

Rent-free or discounted commercial premises provided to social/charitable organizations

5,911 m2 in 59 commercial units



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