Sustainability Report 2019


Portfolio Maintenance and Tenant Health

Objectives, Measures and Indicators

Description of objective

Maintaining and improving the quality of the portfolio through purchase and sale, maintenance and modernization/measures to increase standards of comfort

Description of measures

Maintaining and improving the structural condition of buildings based on operational and strategic considerations

  • Maintenance: long-term preservation of the building stock
    • Regular economic expenses planned over the long term
    • Planning oriented toward long-term and short-term needs
    • Employing economies of scale to reduce costs
    • Around € 482 million invested
  • Modernization: increasing the standards and value in use of buildings
    • Measures to improve the standard of living in 15,000 apartments
    • Energy efficiency measures on building shells or supply infrastructure
    • Around € 997 million invested

€ 2 billion

invested in buildings
(capitalized maintenance, modernization,
new construction)

Continuation of the 3% target for energy-efficient modernization

  • 2019: 3.7% modernization rate achieved

Implementation of measures to ensure tenant health and safety inside and outside the home

  • Ongoing minimization of hazards thanks to stringent compliance with all public safety provisions
  • Ridding neighborhoods of areas that feel unsafe, e.g., unlit parking lots or paths
  • Ensuring sufficient lighting on paths, parking spaces and in foyers and halls
  • Improved protection against burglary in cooperation with the State Office of Criminal Investigations in North Rhine-Westphalia
  • Regular inspections of all open spaces and playgrounds to identify possible dangers
  • Regular checks on building safety, taking all statutory construction regulations into consideration
  • Developing fire protection concepts
  • Measures to reduce noise and avoid dirt, e.g., by installing soundproof windows on streets with heavy traffic or announcement of construction work early on at tenant meetings and during consultation hours
  • Preventing and combating mold

Maintenance and improvement of structural facilities in the residential environment (see chapter Key Figures, sections on Governance and Social – Occupational Health and Safety)

  • Repairing and replacing playground equipment
  • Healthy, viable tree stock thanks to professional tree care operations
  • Increasing the quality of living by creating more green spaces outdoors
  • Ensuring safety by performing safety inspections on (un)developed open spaces, trees and playgrounds at defined intervals

Description of objective

Use of safe materials in construction work

Description of measures

Use of building materials – also by subcontractors – that enable customers to live healthily

  • Careful selection of the materials used in construction by procurement and portfolio management based on state-of-the-art standards and stringent quality requirements that are set out in our product manual
  • Definition of stringent internal standards for material selection, including the performance of various quality tests and adherence to applicable health, safety and environmental standards
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Quality assurance thanks to stringent procurement requirements set out in product manual

Description of objective

Conversion and refurbishment measures to meet changing housing needs

Description of measures

Implementation of needs-based new construction, refurbishment and conversion going beyond the statutory standards

  • Review of potential for making facilities in the neighborhood and existing buildings accessible during modernization measures
  • Aim to refurbish at least one in three existing apartments that are newly rented/partially modernized to make them accessible, e.g., by installing elevators, flat thresholds, walk-in showers and anti-slip floors
  • Adjusting apartment sizes
  • Care and support services for elderly tenants and the establishment of residential communities supervised by nursing assistants, e.g., shared living facility for dementia sufferers, 85 voluntary supplementary conversion measures (e.g., ramps, handrails) for people with disabilities
  • Around 15,000 apartments (partially) modernized to make them senior-friendly (almost 50% of the 33,600 newly rented apartments)

Approx. 15,000

were (partially) modernized in 2019
to make them senior-friendly

There was no need to conduct any special health and safety checks in connection with the materials used in the reporting year.

Expenses for Maintenance and Modernization

Vonovia is maintaining its high level of investment. We made the following investments in 2019:

Maintenance and Modernization

in € million



Change in %





Expenses for maintenance




Capitalized maintenance




Modernization measures




New construction (to hold)




Total modernization, new construction and maintenance measures




Maintenance expenses and capitalized maintenance (€/m2)




Intensity of modernization (€/m2)








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