Sustainability Report 2019


The Company

As a residential real estate company, Vonovia is an important part of society. After all, a home is a basic human need, and housing is a matter that involves social factors as well as financial ones. We are guided in our actions by the three basic principles of sustainability: We take economic responsibility for our company, make an ecological contribution to climate and environmental protection, and assume social responsibility for our approximately one million tenants and the neighborhoods that they live in.

We manage a housing stock of around 356,000 apartments (December 31, 2019) in almost all of Germany’s attractive cities and regions, as well as around 22,500 apartments in Austria and approximately 38,000 in Sweden. This makes Vonovia one of the leading residential real estate companies in Germany, Austria and Sweden. 102-1, 102-7

We take responsibility for safe, good-quality and affordable housing and offer a home for everyone. For us, this means providing needs-based and good living standards, an intact residential environment that protects our climate and biodiversity, and neighborhoods that are functioning and appealing at the same time. This also includes the construction of new apartments, both for the company’s own portfolio and for sale, as well as the provision of housing-related services. We are continuing to develop the neighborhoods in which our apartments are located in a holistic manner and with a view to environmental and climate protection. Sustainable business practices are an integral part of our business model and are at the very heart of our corporate strategy.

Acceptance of our activities within society is a top priority, as sustained earnings power can only be achieved with a socially accepted business model. As a result, we take the current social discourse on the housing situation very seriously and actively (help) shape the debate on a political, social and economic level in a range of different ways. Our fundamental objective is to create long-term benefits for society and the environment and to make an active contribution to the greater good. 102-2, 102-4, 102-6

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