Sustainability Report 2019


Open Dialogue With Society

Challenges, Opportunities and Risks

Vonovia’s size and public presence give rise to opportunities and risks that have an impact on stakeholder dialogue.


  • Need to strike a balance between affordability and climate protection
  • Establishment of acceptance for corresponding measures within society
  • Communication of how Vonovia benefits the community
  • Communicating central messages and establishing trust in a decentralized organizational structure


  • Strengthening acceptance of Vonovia’s actions and reputation by organizing participatory measures designed to take needs, wishes and concerns into account, especially when it comes to community development and the planning of new construction projects
  • Vonovia is accepted as an expert dialogue partner
  • Early identification and elimination of critical issues and negative impressions to find common solutions
  • Vonovia is perceived not just as a landlord, but also as a company that is also invested in topics such as tenant electricity or car sharing, making it a driver of social development


  • Impact on public perception from faulty heating systems, drawn-out modernization measures, incorrect invoicing of ancillary costs and rent increases due to modernization allocations have the potential to have a negative impact on business activity
  • Isolated cases can be used to paint an undifferentiated picture of Vonovia

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