Sustainability Report 2019

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Corporate Governance, Compliance and Anti-corruption

Challenges, Opportunities and Risks


Corporate Governance
  • Implementation of the amendments made to stock corporation law with regard to the second shareholders’ rights directive (ARUG II) and the associated revision of the German Corporate Governance Code (GCGC)
  • Ensuring that Supervisory Board positions are filled with individuals with future-oriented skills (digitalization, sustainability)
  • Application of our standards to cover subsidiaries abroad
  • Ensuring acceptance of, and adherence to, all regulations throughout the Group


Corporate Governance
  • Development of new business areas due to social and legislative changes, e.g., process digitalization
  • Consideration of areas that will be important in the future when bringing new Supervisory Board members on board in order to include new areas of expertise
  • Application of various diversity criteria (e.g., gender, internationality) when selecting managers helps to promote and strengthen equal opportunities and diversity in the industry
  • Greater independence from external suppliers and the associated risks due to the provision of a large number of construction services by the Technical Service
  • Ensuring compliance with high quality standards thanks to the high proportion of services performed within the Group


Corporate Governance
  • Negative reputational impact on the capital markets if positions cannot be filled successfully with Supervisory Board members who have key areas of expertise
  • Ensuring compliance with labor and social standards in cases in which services are purchased from construction companies and their subcontractors

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