Sustainability Report 2019


Open Dialogue With Society

Management Approach

Vonovia belongs to a network of various social players who have an influence on the company on a micro and macro level. We actively consider their views and concerns when deciding the direction our company takes and how our neighborhoods are developed. We value ongoing communication on an equal footing to find common solutions for a positive community spirit in our neighborhoods. The process allows us to hear and evaluate the opinions of our stakeholders on our work. We then bundle a variety of views and include these results in our decision-making process. This also enables Vonovia to build bridges within the neighborhood.

We consider dialogue with stakeholders to be an opportunity for participation and a way to improve our reputation and increase acceptance for our actions. At the same time, the process allows us to counteract any negative influences.

2019 was clear testimony to the extent to which public and political discussions influence Vonovia’s business. The decision to implement the Berlin rent freeze is one example of this. As a result, early discussions with, and the involvement of, residential real estate companies as part of these processes are a top priority for us.

Establishment in the Organization 103-2

Dialogue with our stakeholders takes place during day-to-day business and in existing networks. It is well established on several levels and in several areas of the business, for example, with the Management Board, regional managing directors and regional managers. Corporate Communications acts as the central interface in this regard, ensuring consistent communication – both internally and externally. This area also includes the Public Affairs department, which ensures communication with political representatives.

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