Sustainability Report 2019


Training and Education

Objectives, Measures and Indicators


Vonovia offers a wide range of vocational traineeships. In Germany, we are currently offering training in 14 different occupations and dual-degree programs at 22 locations.


traineeships and study courses are available at Vonovia











Trainees as of December 31 (in Germany)





of which commercial





of which technical trade





Share of trainees in total workforce (in Germany)

in %




Proportion taken on (in Germany)

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Since our employee numbers are currently growing faster than our trainee numbers and we do not offer training in Austria or Sweden, the training rate declined by 0.3 percentage points against the previous year. Nevertheless, we remain one of the few companies in the DAX 30 increasing their training rate further.

We are using numerous training measures to make Vonovia more attractive as an employer:

Description of objective

Expansion of the traineeship program

Description of measures

Further development of the traineeship concepts

  • Adaptation to reflect current developments and requirements of the working world, e.g., digitalization
  • Focus on the skills and qualifications actually needed

Development and strengthening of the employer brand through intensive and innovative commitment to training marketing

Promoting diversity in the workforce

  • Targeted recruitment of girls and women for technical occupations, e.g., “trainee speed dating” and Girls’ Day
  • Target-group-oriented measures to recruit trainees, e.g., young parents, athletes, those who have left a course of study before completing it
  • Measures to integrate refugees into the training system
  • Filling 10% of the training roles with the children of our tenants (Aktion Mieterkind)



of trainees
are children of tenants

Internal succession planning

  • Offering attractive prospects and awarding permanent contracts to trainees who have completed their training

Further Training

When it comes to further training, we offer our employees training sessions and specialist seminars, management development courses, talent management schemes and certified qualification courses that are tailored to suit our needs and objectives. The aim of these measures is to provide our employees with the best support for their everyday work and to enable personal development though on-the-job training.

Description of objective

Updates to the further training scheme

Description of measures

Target group-specific adaptation of the further training scheme to reflect changes in the requirements of the working world and the needs of various employee groups

  • Training courses and programs, blended learning programs, e-learning seminars
  • Training on the topics of communication, cultural diversity and dealing with difficult situations, sustainability
  • Specific training courses, including effective rhetoric for women and women in leadership positions, motivational leadership, communication training for gardeners and technicians

Expansion of internal further training for the customer service department

  • Regular training and coaching sessions, including onboarding and basic training, department-specific specialist and communication training and training for specific systems

Further development of the tools and methods used to convey content, e.g., e-learning


took part in further training
in 2019

Raising employee awareness of sustainability issues

  • Certified real estate technician course covering aspects such as the causes of, preventing and eliminating mold and damp, heat insulation and the German Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV)
  • Incorporation of cultural and social issues into the further training courses, e.g., demographic change, energy efficiency and renewable energies

Group-wide implementation of human capital development instruments to support employees and managers in their further development

  • Annual employee appraisals with a manager: discussing performance and assessing potential for further development; agreeing on specific development measures and targets
  • HR routines/meetings between managers and their supervisors/the Management Board: discussing annual results and identifying high-potential employees; agreeing individual development plans and planning succession guidelines
  • Summer employee appraisal with a manager: confidential feedback sessions and discussing cooperation; deriving measures to improve cooperation where necessary

Description of objective

Targeted development of (up-and-coming) managers and expansion of succession planning

Description of measures

  • Giving managers the human capital development skills they need
  • “Fit für Führung” (Fit for leadership) program to develop a shared understanding of leadership in the entire value-add area (blended learning)
  • Support programs for all levels of management: senior management support program on social responsibility, management talent for middle management, basic leadership training for up-and-coming managers
  • Identification of suitable employees in HR meetings and routine work

The Vonovia Academy

The Vonovia Academy forms a key element of our human capital development measures. It continuously offers employees a range of training and coaching opportunities, specialist and management seminars and certified qualifications – such as dual study courses or master craftsman training – adapted to meet the specific needs of our departments. Special in-house training courses include “the starter pack for successful entry into management” and the training series “basic leadership training.”

The Pillars of the Vonovia Academy

The Pillars of the Vonovia Academy

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