Annual Report 2020

Sustainable Business Model

Vonovia is part of society. Our business is geared toward providing people with homes as a basic human need. As a sustainable and responsible residential real estate company, Vonovia believes that it has a particular obligation towards its more than one million customers in Germany, Austria and Sweden, but at the same time also towards society, the environment and its shareholders.

Our business model is integrated into social and ecological change processes. Since we went public in 2013, we have been developing our successful strategy further to achieve a high level of sophistication, enhancing it to take account of current megatrends and sustainability aspects. We align our business activities with these changes (for details on social trends and challenges: chapter entitled “Fundamental Information About the Group: Overall Conditions on the Residential Real Estate Market and Societal Megatrends).

We know that the decisions we make as a company always have an impact on people and neighborhoods, on the environment and our climate. We weigh these impacts up carefully, particularly when it comes to modernizing buildings and designing neighborhoods. After all, protecting the environment and our climate should go hand-in-hand with our responsibility for safe and good-quality housing at fair prices. This is what sustainable living means to us. As a real estate company with a long-term focus, we aim to strike a balance between commercial activity on the one hand, and social responsibility and ecological objectives on the other. We are committed to the principles of the social market economy and profitability. Vonovia takes responsibility as a provider of affordable housing and as a service provider, building contractor and developer as well as in its role as a corporate citizen. For us, sustainability means managing our business activities in a way that generates the greatest possible long-term benefit for society as a whole. This is the principle we want to be measured against and the principle that we want each and every employee to put into practice.

Sustainability is becoming an increasingly firm component of our business processes. Extensive and in-depth information can be found in the chapter entitled “Fundamental Information About the Group”. This is also where we provide information on the corporate structure of Vonovia SE.