Annual Report 2020

Reporting on Aspects of the Non-financial Declaration

The Non-financial Declaration sets out the relevant concepts, the accompanying due diligence processes, the results of the concept and the status of implementation of the measures for each material topic.

Ten out of the eleven topics that are material for Vonovia can be allocated to the aspects covered by the German Commercial Code (HGB) in the context of the Non-financial Declaration:

  • Environmental issues: Reducing CO2 in the real estate portfolio & energy-efficient modernization/renewable energies and energy mix/sustainable new construction and refurbishment
  • Social issues: Neighborhood development and contribution to infrastructure/fairly priced housing/homes that meet tenant needs and action in response to demographic change/customer satisfaction and service quality
  • Employee issues: Appeal as an employer/approach to diversity and equal opportunities
  • Combating corruption and bribery: Governance and compliance

“Attractiveness on the capital market” has been identified as an additional material topic for Vonovia. Information on the “Respect for Human Rights” aspect, which is a requirement under the German Commercial Code, is also reported in the Non-financial Declaration.