Annual Report 2020

2 Adjustment to Prior-year Figures

Balance Sheet

The total consideration for the acquisition of the Hembla Group was allocated with definitive effect as of June 30, 2020. Compared with the provisional allocation as of December 31, 2019, embedded derivatives in the form of termination options amounting to € 78.2 million were also recognized. Inversely, deferred tax liabilities of € 16.1 million were recognized. In addition, further acquisitions classified as “linked transactions” were taken into account. As a result, minority interests increased by € 54.1 million, while the purchase price liability included in other liabilities decreased by € 91.8 million. Goodwill was reduced by € 99.8 million in comparison as a result. The corresponding prior-year figures were adjusted as of the date of first-time consolidation.

Segment Report

Used to measure the performance of the segments over time, segment revenue serves as another growth indicator for Vonovia from the 2020 fiscal year onwards. Total Segment Revenue includes all income generated by the four segments that contributes to value creation, i.e. that covers costs and makes an earnings contribution. The corresponding reporting is based on the internal reporting to the Management Board, as the chief operating decision-maker, which was adjusted in 2020 and reflects the change with regard to the relevance of “Total Segment Revenue” from a corporate management perspective. The corresponding prior-year figures have been adjusted to reflect the new reporting system. Detailed information on the composition of Total Segment Revenue can be found in Chapter [C23] Segment Reporting.