Annual Report 2019

2 Adjustment to Prior-year Figures

In order to improve the presentation of the income statement and to separate interest income and interest expenses within the meaning of IFRS 9, the currency effects of € 37.2 million (2018: € -12.0 million), the income from investments in the amount of € 11.8 million (2018: € 23.1 million), transaction costs in the amount of € -22.9 million (2018: € -14.2 million) and the measurement of purchase price liabilities from put options/rights to reimbursement of € -2.1 million (2018: € 1.1 million) are shown separately from the other components of the financial result, namely as the other Financial Result. The corresponding prior-year figures have been adjusted and are broken down further in the income statement in B21. As a result of the reporting amendment, financial income decreased in the previous year by € 26.3 million and financial expenses by € 28.3 million. Due to the specification of the disclosure, the designation of financial income was changed to interest income, and financial expenses to interest expenses.