Annual Report 2019

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36 Assets Held for Sale

Accounting Policies

To be classified as held for sale, the assets must be available for immediate sale in their present condition subject only to terms that are usual and customary for sales of such assets, and it must be highly probable that a sale will take place. A sale is deemed to be highly probable if there is a commitment to a plan to sell the asset, an active program to locate a buyer and complete the plan has been initiated, the asset is being actively marketed for sale at a reasonable price, and a sale is expected to be completed within one year of the date on which the asset is classified as held for sale.

Vonovia accounts for investment properties as assets held for sale when notarized purchase contracts have been signed or a declaration of intent to purchase has been signed by both parties as of the reporting date but transfer of title will, under the contract, not take place until the subsequent reporting period. Initially they are recognized at the contractually agreed selling price and subsequently at fair value following deductions for costs to sell, if the latter is lower.

The assets held for sale include properties totaling € 134.1 million (Dec. 31, 2018: € 105.9 million) for which notarized purchase contracts had already been signed as of the reporting date.

Fair Value
Fair value is particularly relevant with regard to valuation in accordance with IAS 40 in conjunction with IFRS 13. The fair value is the amount for which an asset could be exchanged between knowledgeable, willing parties in an arm’s length transaction.